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Department of Anthropology

        Anthropology is ‘Holistic Science’ of human being. Recently, somewhat comparable notion, i.e. ‘inter-disciplinary approach’ has gained popularity. But anthropology has been practicing it since from the beginning unlike other sciences.

          The subject of Anthropology has been introduced as a major/minor in 1960. In 1962, the department of social Anthropology was separated from the composite department of History and Economics. Then Dr. L. S. Ainapur was heading the Department. Prof. A. G. Hiremath was appointed in 1961. The name of the department was changed from ‘the department of social anthropology’ to ‘The Department of Anthropology’ in 1971. The teaching of anthropology was extended to science classes as one of the minor subjects in 1975. Since 1990-91, Anthropology is being taught as one of optional for both B.A. and B.Sc. courses.

          At present the department has the following faculty members :

  1. Dr. (Smt.) Aruna S. Hallikeri, Associate Professor and Head of the Dept.
  2. Dr. V. Jagadeesh, Associate Professor.

All the faculty members with Ph.D. qualification, are well equipped to cater to the need of the students.

          When the semester system has been introduced for U.G. Courses, a new component i.e. ‘Project Work’has been incorporated in the syllabus. It facilitates the students to learn new skills needed now.

          And to encourage and motivate the student the Gold Medal has been instituted by Prof. K. G. Gurumurthy, retired Professor of Anthropology for the top-scorer in Anthropology.

Dr.(Smt) A.S.Hallikeri - HOD

M.Sc, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Contact Information                  

Mobile No.:+91 9343408026
Email id : 

Dr. V.Jagadeesh

M.A, Ph.D.                        Teaching Experience : 20 Years

Associate Professor           Area of Research : Socio - Cultural, Medical and

                                           Gerontological Anthropology

Contact Information           Books : 04

 Mobile No.: 9449555274  Research Guidance : Awarded: 01,  

                                            Working Scholars : 03          

Email id :                            No. of  Projects completed : UGC : 02,   Others : 03

                                          No. of awards received : International Level : 02

                                         Foreign Visits for academic purpose : 19 countries

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